The Mural in the Lowell Church

The mural - a reproduction shown to the left - was part of the worship space at the Swedish Lutheran Church,
which was later to be known as the Trinity Lutheran Church, in Lowell, MA,
before the church moved to
Chelmsford, MA.

Lowell church interior, click for a closer view!

Above, and to the right, 
you see the original worship space.
This is the way the sanctuary looked,
you can see the altar, and the Mural.

A photograph associated with the Lowell Church.
Three people, sitting on the back porch with a dog. Unremarkable until you see the back of the picture:

To the right
is the back of the picture.
Below is the transcribed text:

Property of Mrs Robert W Berntson, at 62 Pawtucket Ave. Lowell, Mass

The dog is a King Charles Spaniel, named Duffy, (Duffan)

Mr. & Mrs Anders Thomasson donors of the Resurrection Mural at Swedish Lutheran Church on Meadowcroft Street, Lowell, around 1900. They were sailing back from Sweden when the ship struck an iceberg, but they where saved. The mural was a "thanksgiving gift"

Other lady in the rear is Louise Pihl, sister to Rosalie, Johan and Victor

"Farbror" Thomasson was an apothecary (apotekare, trained in Sweden) and had a drug store at 260 Central St, Lowell, Mass. Their home was in the rear, - #262, where this picture was taken. "Faster" Adelaide (Pihl) Thomasson died at Old Peoples Home, (Lutheran)  in Worchester, Mass.

Editors Notes:
"Farbror"; Swedish for Uncle - also frequently used by young persons addressing an older person, not necessarily related to them.
"Faster"; Swedish for Aunt
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