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December 21, 2016

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Trinity's Values

Vision: Sharing God's gifts, we joyfully serve!


Mission: We will nurture and grow our faith family, centered on Word and sacrament, by exemplifying the love of Christ as we respond to the needs of one another and our world.


Trinity's History


December Worship Schedule

Wednesday, December 21 - 6:15PM Advent Pot Luck
      7:00PM Holden Evening Prayer
Saturday, December 24 - 4:00PM Family Candlelight Service
  7:00PM Candlelight Service
Sunday, December 25 - 10:00AM Unity Service
Sunday, January 1, 2017 - 10:00AM Unity Service
Pulpit Supply
Christmas Eve - Pastor Dennis Walker

December 25, 2016 - Pastor Dennis Walker

January 1, 2017 - Pastor Dennis Walker

January 8, 2017 - Pastor Ellen Muller
Hold the Date!!
Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, January 22nd after the Unity Service

A Message from Pastor Dennis Walker
Pastor Walker is Trinity's contact pastor during our transition.

As we have increased our understanding of the universe, the more we understand our dependence on the Sun, the star at the center of our Solar System. The energy from our Sun powers all plant life on Earth through the (still current) mystery of photosynthesis. This mystery enables green plants to use sunlight to manufacture sugars from raw natural materials. This becomes the basis of almost every food chain of life as we know it. Solar energy also maintains temperatures that make life possible in most places. Were the Sun to "turn off," the earth would become a frozen rock in about eight (8) minutes, the time it would take for the last rays to arrive to warm our atmosphere.  
Generosity Update
A big Thank You to those who have provided and are continuing to provide Estimated Giving inputs for next year.  As of today we have a total of 94 giving units who have responded out of an anticipated close to 100 giving units.  Although we're nearing last year's estimated giving, we need as many inputs as possible to help Council firm up next year's planned mission activities.  If you haven't taken the opportunity to provide your input, please do as soon as practical.  As St Paul reminds us "Each of you must give as you have made up your mind . . . And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work."   II Cor 9:7-8
Many thanks for your generosity and plans to continue this support. 

~ Ed Jonson

Advent Wednesday Nights
Join us for our last Wednesday Advent gathering tonight!  We'll gather at 6:15PM for our pot luck.  Please bring a medium dish to share so there are little to no leftovers. Then at 6:45PM we'll gather up what we brought/clean up whatever needs to be cleaned up and will be in the sanctuary for 7:00PM for Holden Evening Prayer.  

This year's theme is "Liberated By God's Grace."   "During this Reformation commemoration year we are boldly proclaiming that human beings are not for sale. This is one of four important and central themes adopted by our global Lutheran community. The over-arching theme is Liberated by God's Grace. The sub-themes are Creation-Not for Sale, Salvation-Not for Sale and Human Beings-Not for Sale.

Social Ministry Update
We have been blessed to have continued support from our congregation for this year's Alternative Giving Fair!  We will be sending over $500 to serrv and the rest of the donations raised through the baked goods sale, luncheon. crafts and ELCA Good Gifts sale will support the ELCA.  We will accept donations for ELCA Good Gifts until Sunday, the 25th, in the form of a check made out to Trinity with "ELCA World Hunger" in the memo line.   For information on areas to support please visit ELCA Good Gifts Catalog.

~ Dina Morrison

St. Paul's Soup Kitchen
Merry Christmas to all! Listed below are the items needed for out next serving at St. Paul's Soup Kitchen on January 3rd...2017!

No need to make an ongoing commitment...make a one-time donation, serve as often or as little as your schedule allows, or come just to set-up or clean up if you can't stay for the entire meal. We're flexible and we bet you'll enjoy the ministry!

St. Pauls' Soup Kitchen is a fantastic ministry serving the needs of between 85 to 100+ guests every month.
Here is a grid which includes items that are needed.  Feel free to drop off your items to the church before Tuesday if that's more convenient for you. Label your items for St. Paul's and you can leave them in the refrigerator or freezer in the church kitchen. It's as easy as that!

Thanks for all your help for this wonderful ministry!
Please sign up via Sandy Klapprodt by replying to this email or use the interactive sign-up sheet. 

Please drop off donations to Trinity between Sunday and 3PM on Tuesday of the week we will be serving.  If donations are being delivered directly to the soup kitchen, please bring to Eliot Presbyterian Church by 4PM the day of the meal. 

We - and all the people who are homeless or needing to stretch their budget - thank you!!!

~ Sandy Klapprodt

On behalf of the fellowship committee and everyone else that uses the kitchen, we would like to thank the Property Committee for the two new lovely refrigerators.  As usual, any unlabled food is available for anyone.  Please label your item if you want to save it.

Thanks again!
~ Nancy Grove
Attention Married Couples...
When is the last time the two of you did something to enrich and revitalize your marriage?  Make 2017 the year you resolve to take time to spend a weekend learning how to make your marriage a more intimate, loving, Christian union.  
Lutheran Marriage Encounter Weekends run from Friday night at 8 PM to Sunday around 3 PM and have been enriching marriages for over 40 years! There is a $100 per couple registration fee; plus toward the end of the weekend, you will be given an opportunity to make a confidential contribution toward continuation of the program. Two nights lodging, 5 meals for each of you, and all supplies are included.

The 2017 Northeast US Weekends are:
  • March 24-26, 2017 at Toftrees Golf Resort Conference Center -- a peaceful resort nestled in 1500 wooded acres in State College, PA.
  • April 28-30, 2017 in Lancaster, PA, at the all newly-renovated Heritage Hotel Lancaster, home of the unique tree-house-inspired restaurant, "Loxley's."
  • September 15-17, 2017 at Spruce Lake Retreat Center, Canadensis, PA, a new hotel-style facility on Spruce Lake in the heart of the Pocono Mountains - an hour north of Allentown.
  • October 6-8, 2017 at the Black Swan Inn in Lee, Massachusetts. Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, a hidden gem overlooking Laurel Lake - an hour north of Hartford, CT.
To sign up online, go to: and pay the $100 registration fee using your credit card, or mark the option to mail in a check.  For questions, or if you would like a brochure mailed to you, contact Northeast US Directors of Lutheran Marriage Encounter, Fred & Julie Schamber, at 724-325-3166.  Registrations are limited, so act today to ensure that you can attend the weekend of your choice!


Wishes for a very blessed Christmas...
A Social Media Christmas
A Social Network Christmas

TLC Transition
During our transitional phase Trinity has several layers of support available. 

We have an ELCA appointed contact pastor - Dennis Walker - who can assist as needed. Pastor Walker lives in Amherst, MA and can be here at Trinity if needed for pastoral support.

Beth and the Worship and Music committee have arranged for supply pastors to support our weekly worship through the summer.  Some of the pastors on that list are also available for urgent care.

A call to the Church Office 978-256-6300 or an email to our Parish Administrator, Beth Confrancisco, is always a good start. 
Of course our congregational executive committee is also available to respond to questions/inquiries.
Financial Secretary Report
Financial Secretary's Report -12-20-16
YTD Pledges Received $380,246.80.
YTD Budget  $397,211.54
% Ahead/(Behind) Budget -4%

If you're using offering envelopes, please be sure to pick them up from the narthex this Sunday!

E-Newsletter Policy


E-newsletter articles are due to the church office by 4:00PM on Tuesday for inclusion the next day, although earlier is better.


E-newsletter articles appear once.  Readers are encouraged to retain weekly e-mails if they wish to reference past articles or go to Elexio to retrieve past issues. 


Trinity Lutheran Church 


Music Director:  Daniel Endow

Parish Administrator/Church Office: Beth Confrancisco


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