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September 28, 2016

Next Week at Trinity
Sunday 10/2
Morning Choir
Worship & Communion
Sunday School
Altar Guild Meeting
Worship & Communion
Youth Ministry Cmte.

Monday 10/3

Tuesday 10/4
Worship & Music Cmte
Property Committee

Wednesday 10/5
Choir Rehearsal
Chris. Ed. Committee

Thursday 10/6

Friday 10/7
Merry Widows
Alcoholics Anonymous

Saturday 10/8
Property Work Day

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Trinity's Values

Vision: Sharing God's gifts, we joyfully serve!


Mission: We will nurture and grow our faith family, centered on Word and sacrament, by exemplifying the love of Christ as we respond to the needs of one another and our world.


Trinity's History


A Message from Pastor Dennis Walker
Pastor Walker is Trinity's contact pastor during our transition.

Anywhere on the US Border with Mexico, there are two (2) signs posted. The First One reads: "TERRITORY OF THE UNITED STATES---NO TRESPASSING!." The Second One reads: 'HELP WANTED!" 
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No Reservations Needed
Last Sunday we kicked off "No Reservation" planning to support Trinity's mission activities next year.

No Reservations:
  • No need to call ahead (get reservations) - we can just show up because God loves us and God provides.  We receive abundantly.  And because we receive abundantly, it is good to thank God for that abundance.
  • No need to be concerned (have reservations, although it's human nature) because God will provide and love us as his people.
A big "Thank You" to Trinity members who continue to exemplify the sharing of God's abundance.

In planning your financial generosity for next year, please keep the words of St Paul in mind as recorded in II Cor 9
"Each of you must give as you have made up your mind . . . And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly (with no reservations!) in every good work."

P.S.  This Sunday we will hear more about what happened on God's Work Our Hands Sunday.

~ Ed Jonson

Christian Education News
REMINDER...  Any 4th - 6th grader participating in First Communion classes during the month of October on Sunday mornings must RSVP to Dina Morrison or Larissa Fagundes.  We need an RSVP for planning purposes.  This RSVP should be for any child in this age range who is participating for the first time in communion instruction classes.  All students in the 5th/6th grade classroom will be able to take advantage of this communion instruction review, taught at a more in depth level than the instruction they may have received in 1st - 3rd grade.  
~ Dina Morrison
Christian Education Chair

CCC - Coffee, Conversation, and Christ
The CCC Adult Forum will begin a new year of faith-filled conversations this Sunday, October 2nd at 9:45. Join us to share news of your summer activities and plan discussion topics for coming months.

~ Richard Grove
Joe Nardoni
Joe Nardoni is reading his poetry. All are invited!

TLC Transition
During our transitional phase Trinity has several layers of support available. 

We have an ELCA appointed contact pastor - Dennis Walker - who can assist as needed. Pastor Walker lives in Amherst, MA and can be here at Trinity if needed for pastoral support.

Beth and the Worship and Music committee have arranged for supply pastors to support our weekly worship through the summer.  Some of the pastors on that list are also available for urgent care.

A call to the Church Office 978-256-6300 or an email to our Parish Administrator, Beth Confrancisco, is always a good start. 
Of course our congregational executive committee is also available to respond to questions/inquiries.
Financial Secretary Report
Financial Secretary's Report - 9-25-2016
YTD Pledges Received $289,236.
YTD Budget  $303,750.
% Ahead/(Behind) Budget -5%

E-Newsletter Policy


E-newsletter articles are due to the church office by 4:00PM on Tuesday for inclusion the next day, although earlier is better.


E-newsletter articles appear once.  Readers are encouraged to retain weekly e-mails if they wish to reference past articles or go to Elexio to retrieve past issues. 


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