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August 24, 2016

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Trinity's Values

Vision: Sharing God's gifts, we joyfully serve!


Mission: We will nurture and grow our faith family, centered on Word and sacrament, by exemplifying the love of Christ as we respond to the needs of one another and our world.


Trinity's History


A Message from Pastor Dennis Walker
Pastor Walker is Trinity's contact pastor during our transition.

In Luke 14:7, Jesus taught disciples several lessons about guest management. "Take a low position to start with." Jesus seems to be saying. We can learn a lot from Jesus and from the business world about how welcoming communities work. The Walt Disney Amusement Parks zealously seek to motivate guests to return again---and again and again---whatever it takes. Well marked parking areas facilitate an effortless approach. Forget where your vehicle is and a helpful security person will tell you where to find it, based on what time you arrived. You don't see streams of employees blocking entrances at shift change. They all use under-ground tunnels. Careful studies have even shown that cracks placed at certain spots on sidewalks motivate guests to return! Perhaps, it reminds them of that crack in their own driveway at home-sweet home!
We of Trinity can be helpful (or hurtful) to church newcomers as well. Studies show that they are unsure what to expect at a first time encounter, perhaps a worship service. Who knows what they've heard about you or any church? They often will pass a church twenty-four (24) Sundays in a row before attempting to enter. Outside, they will notice parking spots reserved for newcomers. They will also sometimes linger in the parking lot, noting how apparent "regulars" get along with each other. If entry points are unclear or the door they try to use is locked, they will leave. Upon entry, if important items like comfortable, unobtrusive seating, a child friendly atmosphere, or rest rooms are missing, they will also leave. They usually decide within five (5) minutes if they will ever return for any reason. 
Well now, Disney wants its guests coming back again and again. Do we want Trinity's newcomers to return as much, too?         

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Dennis Walker

Upcoming Preaching Schedule

August 28          Pastor Theresa Bianchi

September 4     Pastor Ruth Bersin
September 11   Pastor Dennis Walker
September 18   Pastor Dennis Walker
September 25   Pastor Dennis Walker

Sunday, September 11, 2016
Sign-up sheets are in the Fellowship Hall for all planned events.  Tee shirts should be here by Labor Day Weekend.
Red Cross Blood Drive - PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE - now Wednesday, September 28th from 2pm-7pm.  We encourage our members to donate blood if you are able.  We also need volunteers to staff the registration desk (2) and help with the canteen (2).  Sign up for one or more hours as you are able.
Backpack Attack - School supply collection continues.  Box in education wing has copies of the list of the requested supplies or look here.  We have been awarded a Thrivent Action Team Grant to purchase additional supplies.  A Trinity Member has purchased backpacks for us to fill.

~ Kate Conran
Fall Sunday Morning Schedule!
As the summer comes to a close we begin to focus on the new year starting in the fall. The single, 9 am service schedule will remain in effect until the end of September.

The September schedule will be as follows:    
September 11th, "God's Work, Our Hands" and Sunday School Registration taking place following the 9 am service.
September 18th, Unity Service at 9 am with Sunday School classes following from 10:15 am - 11:00 am for Pre-K through HS.
September 25th, TrinityFest Sunday.  There will be no Sunday School classes held during TrinityFest.

October 2nd The first Sunday with 8:30 am and 11 am services, with Sunday School following the regular schedule of 9:45 am - 10:45 am.
~ Jon Soule
Worship & Music Chair
Fall 2016 Music Rehearsal Schedule
Fall is upon us and it is time to make some great music! Please mark your calendars for the following rehearsal start dates:
Trinity Choir            Wed  Sept 7    7:30 pm
Combined Choirs*  Sun  Sept 11   8:15 am
*Combined choirs will be singing the offertory anthem starting September 11th through the end of the month at the 9:00 am service.  
Bjallerklangen       Thur  Sept 15   7:30 pm

~ Daniel Endow

Help Needed
I volunteer at the Open Pantry in Lowell with a young Cambodian woman, Pheak, who has 3 children and was recently burned out of their home.
I am trying to collect clothes and money for the children so she can buy some household items if she gets an unfurnished apartment.  The children go to public schools and do not need uniforms.

The children's ages and sizes are as follows:

Tommy - 14 - 5 ft.2 in. 130 lbs,     I don't know whether the boys wear teenage or adult sizes.  They often wear sweat pants to school.
Shirt - large, shoes - size 13, pants  - 34, sweater - large

Billy -  13  5ft.1in.  140 lbs.
Shirt - large, shoes - size 12 and one half, pants - large, sweater - large

Amy - 10  4 ft 5 in,  100 lbs.    I don't know if she wears children's sizes or junior sizes,)
Pants - 14. shoes - size 8, shirt - medium

Please put any clothes in marked boxes across from the women's restroom.You may write checks to Preak Muth.  You may give the checks or cash to me at worship or send them to Lois Reid, 19 Buckboard Dr., Westford,
MA   01886.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

Thank you so much for any assistance you can give.

~ Lois Reid

St. Paul's Soup Kitchen
Hello everyone,

The summer is certainly flying by! It's hard to believe it's time for our St. Paul's Soup Kitchen serving again on Tuesday, September 6th. It is the day after Labor Day but with plenty of planning ahead, we should be able to pull it all together.
Feel free to drop off your items to the church before Tuesday, September 6th, if you have vacation plans. Just label your items for St. Paul's and you can leave them in the refrigerator or freezer in the church kitchen. It's as easy as that!

Thanks for all your help for this wonderful ministry!
Please sign up via Sandy Klapprodt or on the interactive sign-up sheet.

Please drop off labeled donations to Trinity before 3PM on Tuesday of the week we will be serving. If donations are being delivered directly to the soup kitchen, please bring to Eliot Presbyterian Church by 4PM the day of the meal. 

We - and all the people who are homeless or needing to stretch their budget - thank you!!!

~ Sandy Klapprodt
Merry Widows
I hope all of you had a pleasant summer, in spite of the brutal heat and humidity.

The Merry Widows' first meeting of the coming fall season will be Friday, September 2 in the Luther Room at 1:30.  I will bring refreshments for this meeting.  Looking forward to seeing all of you again.
~ Elaine Jelescheff
Update on the Massawe Family
Spoke with both Catherine and Ephraim Massawe on Sunday after church and they are high and dry even though they are living in Hammond. LA, a town that has much of its area under water.  They send their best to all their friends at Trinity.

~ Nancy Grove
TLC Transition
During our transitional phase Trinity has several layers of support available. 

We have an ELCA appointed contact pastor - Dennis Walker - who can assist as needed. Pastor Walker lives in Amherst, MA and can be here at Trinity if needed for pastoral support.

Beth and the Worship and Music committee have arranged for supply pastors to support our weekly worship through the summer.  Some of the pastors on that list are also available for urgent care.

A call to the Church Office 978-256-6300 or an email to our Parish Administrator, Beth Confrancisco, is always a good start. 
Of course our congregational executive committee is also available to respond to questions/inquiries.
Financial Secretary Report
Financial Secretary's Report - 8-21-2016
YTD Pledges Received  $254,280.
YTD Budget  $264,807.69
% Ahead/(Behind) Budget -4%

Lounge Repairs

Jim Ray laying tile in the kitchenette area of the Lounge.

E-Newsletter Policy


E-newsletter articles are due to the church office by 4:00PM on Tuesday for inclusion the next day, although earlier is better.


E-newsletter articles appear once.  Readers are encouraged to retain weekly e-mails if they wish to reference past articles or go to Elexio to retrieve past issues. 


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