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August 3, 2016

Next Week at Trinity
Sunday 8/7
Worship & Communion

Monday 8/8

Tuesday 8/9
Newsletter Deadline

Wednesday 8/10

Thursday 8/11

Friday 8/12
Carpet Cleaning
8:00AM - 5:00PM Alcoholics Anonymous

Saturday 8/13

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Trinity's Values

Vision: Sharing God's gifts, we joyfully serve!


Mission: We will nurture and grow our faith family, centered on Word and sacrament, by exemplifying the love of Christ as we respond to the needs of one another and our world.


Trinity's History


Pastor Melissa Buono
This week we welcome Pastor Melissa Buono to Trinity's pulpit. 

A Message from Pastor Dennis Walker
Pastor Walker is Trinity's contact pastor during our transition.

I recently learned a surprising fact. The only food that never spoils, under any circumstances is honey. Other items persist, too. The metal that never corrodes is gold. All the gold ever extracted is still in use today in bullion, jewelry, and computer motherboards. Fingerprints have never duplicated themselves. They are always unique, even in the case identical twins. Every criminal jurisdiction in the world accepts fingerprint identification as completely accurate.  
Now in Luke 12:33, Jesus told his "little flock" of disciples to sell their possessions and give the money to charity. In this way, Jesus says, God creates in heaven "purses" that never wear out and "unfailing treasures" that thieves can't steal and that moths can't destroy. 
Jesus Christ has come from God, as God, (John Chapter 1) to live, die, and rise again as a ransom for our sins. This Good News is as sweet as honey, more precious than gold, and never duplicated. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is God's absolutely dependable and unique way of saving every human being. Since this is so, let us enjoy this and all other treasures and share them with our neighbors - where ever we can find one.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Dennis Walker

Ministry Site Profile (MSP) Reminder
Just a reminder that your comments regarding the Ministry Site Profile are due by Wednesday, August 10.

You can leave comments on the sticky notes directly on the posted version in the CC Room or e-mail comments to:
Scott Morrison

Trinity at Play (TAP)
Join our Trinity at Play group (TAP) as he head to LaLacheur Field to see the Lowell Spinners take on the Brooklyn Cyclones on Sunday, August 21st at 5:05pm.  Tickets are $8.00.  

Please contact Kate Conran to hold your tickets - they are going fast!

Trinity Travels
Save The Dates For August
The Chelmsford Community Band Concerts
Bring your own chairs or sit on the ground.   
rain location Chelmsford Center For the Arts
Aug 2  Jazz  Band
Aug 9  Terpsichorean Delights Band
Aug 16  Spotlight showcase Band
Concerts at McKay Library in North Chelmsford
rain location Chelmsford Senior Center
Aug 3  The Plum Island Pans
Aug 10  Jon Mansfield
August 17   Root Cellar
New Cafe at the Chelmsford Senior Center
Open House on August 25 refreshments 3 to 4:30
thank you  
any ideas please call Dorene 978 677 6135

Hold the Date - Sunday, September 11, 2016
Our event is planned for Sunday, September 11th after the 9am Worship Service.  Contact Kate Conran or  Helen Blaschke if you would like to assist with either of these events
Yard Work - We're in touch with the Chelmsford Senior Center to provide Yard Work services for one or two clients who could use some help.
Give it All You've Got - We're trying something new this year - an American Red Cross Blood Drive.  We are targeting Monday, October 3rd from 2pm-7pm for this event. Please consider donating blood if you are able or recruiting a friend or family member to donate at our drive.  We are also looking for volunteers from Trinity to assist with registration and canteen service on the day of the event.

~ Kate Conran
TLC Transition
During our transitional phase - Trinity has several layers of support available. 

We have an ELCA appointed contact pastor - Dennis Walker who can assist as needed.  Pastor Walker is available for pastoral support as needed.  Pastor Walker lives in Amherst, MA and can be here at Trinity as needed for support.

Beth and the Worship and Music committee have arranged for supply pastors to support our weekly worship through the summer.  Some of the pastors on that list are also available for urgent care if needed.

A call to the Church Office 978-256-6300 or an email to our Parish Administrator, Beth Confrancisco is always a good start.

Of course, our congregational executive committee is also available to respond to questions/inquiries.

Financial Secretary Report
Financial Secretary's Report - 7-31-16
YTD Pledges Received  $232,151.
YTD Budget  $241,442.31
% Ahead/(Behind) Budget -4%

Pokemon Go
Pokestop August 2016

E-Newsletter Policy


E-newsletter articles are due to the church office by 4:00PM on Tuesday for inclusion the next day, although earlier is better.


E-newsletter articles appear once.  Readers are encouraged to retain weekly e-mails if they wish to reference past articles or go to Elexio to retrieve past issues. 


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Music Director:  Daniel Endow

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